Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge

Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge
One frosty and very still morning in November, 2010, Centennial Bridge, Miramichi, NB, Canada

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Moon Rising Over Neguac Beach, NB, Canada

Moon Rising Over Neguac Beach, NB, Canada
Moon Rising Over Neguac Beach, Neguac, New Brunswick, Canada

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Getting ready to retire, November, 2015

I have decided to retire, well, semi retire in November of this year.  I am retiring from the Real Estate business, but thought I would start a little sewing business at home.  I received my new business cards this week, now I have to distribute them so I can build a little clientele before I actually retire.  It will give me something to do, but still regulate when I want time off to do other things, like joining people for tea, traveling, etc.  Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SepiaSaturday, April 25, 2015

There were several themes one could pick up on, I went with hairdos: some were mine, some were others, but I'm sure we all thought we were the cat's meow at the time.......

I will start with my beautiful Mom, I can still remember her at her vanity combing out her hair, I thought her so beautiful, she is still good looking at 85!  I hope I carry her gene. (That's me with the short bob hairstyle).

A mother of a friend, not sure of the date.

Above is my pretty stern looking great grandmother with her hair in a very tight bun!

My lovely great Aunt Marguerite around the '20's.

My best friend and I had just stepped out of the beauty salon in early 1960's, can't you tell?  My hair was backcombed and teased to within an inch of its life!!!  But we thought we were adorable!!  The first of many "selfies".

Later on, I thought a perm was in order, so here I am with my son, David, and my daughter, Christina around 1975.  It was all the rave, an Afro perm!!

Last, but not least, my Dad donned a wig for this shot with my sister, Dianne and me in early 1970's.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a walk down hairdo memory lane with me, for more hairy scary photos, go to  www.sepiasaturday.blogspot.com, bye for now.  Rosie

Friday, March 6, 2015

Staying cool, calm, and collected........

I took this picture with my old camera (non digital) so it may not be as sharp as it should be.  I trie to incorporate all the things I like, tea, calligraphy, compote dish, music, etc.  To tie in with the theme, I have a music book open with musical notes, I think it may be Loch Lomond.

I really like the theme picture, if you would like to see it to, follow the link to:

Have a great weekend sepia peeps!  Rosie.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

For Sepia Saturday, February 28, 2015

These people were marching to save the Air Base in Chatham, NB.  The base employed some civilians, plus it was a boost to the economy of the Miramichi.  This march took place in July, 1982.  This was also on the day that Gilles Villeneuve died in a crash in the Grand Prix race.  I found this photo on the site Our Miramichi Heritage Photos.  We are having a big Gathering this summer to celebrate our heritage, expecting thousands to attend, locals and those that used to be locals will all be there!  You can take the person out of the Miramichi, but you can't take the Miramichi out of the person!!!

For further demonstration, or people in a gathering, go to www.sepiasaturday.blogspot.com

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!  I looked around and found this couple kissing (from the Our Miramichi Heritage Photos) and found it rather cool as it seems to be triple exposed!

Then I went searching in my albums for something red for Valentine's Day.  I came across me in a red dress, (1988).

This is my little "sweetheart" grand daughter, Katie Rose with a red flower in her hair.
 Of course, I had to include The Red Shoes, I started the dance at the Moulin Rouge in Paris with this shoes on in October, 2012!  A young lad from the South of USA and I started the dance and then the floor filled up with dancers, I guess they were just waiting for someone to start!!!!

I will finish off with a red rose from the garden after a rain last August.

Well, that's all I could come up with, a couple kissing, a red dress, a red flower in my Katie Rose's hair, shoes that started the dance at Moulin Rouge in Paris (with a handsome lad) and a red rose with a bud. 

For more loving pictures, make sure to go to www.sepiasaturday.blogspot.com and beware of that Cupid Lad and his arrows.....

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Seawind Jewelley shop in Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

When I saw this week's prompt in SepiaSaturday, I thought about the visit to Grand Manan Island, a small island south of New Brunswick, Canada.

I stopped off at a little shop called Seawind that was surrounded by a lovely and thriving garden, I was able to converse with the lady who made beautiful jewellery in this little shop.

Hope you like the pictures as  much as I enjoyed visiting that little country shop that overlooked the hundreds of blooms in the garden, how good is that.

 Even a dragonfly was enjoying her working, it stuck around long enough for me to take a couple of photos.

For more intriguing pictures of women at work and play, go to sepiasaturday.blogspot.com

Have a great weekend, may you be enjoying your season whatever it may be at this time of the year, here, it is Winter, and we have plenty of snow to prove it this year!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Dinner at my sister's, Dianne. 2014

Some more photos of Christmas Day, 2014.

 Ready to go to my sister for Christmas dinner.

 New coat, new boots, set to go.
 At my sister's, she loves to decorate, she has lots of help from her husband!
 Only some of the Christmas trees she has around the house.
 They even decorate the rod for the curtains in living room.
 This is her Betty Boop corner!
 Lovely decorated chandeliers in dining area
 Their collection of Santas.....over the window in kitchen.
 Berries around candle on chandeliers.
 My brother, Paul, with grandaughter, Corina.
 We had a bass player....of sorts....
A bit blurry, but family picture, missing our sister, Jeanette who lives in Edmonton, AB.

All in all, a very good Christmas Day!