Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge

Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge
One frosty and very still morning in November, 2010, Centennial Bridge, Miramichi, NB, Canada

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McKinleyville, New Brunswick, Canada
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SepiaSaturday, April 25, 2015

There were several themes one could pick up on, I went with hairdos: some were mine, some were others, but I'm sure we all thought we were the cat's meow at the time.......

I will start with my beautiful Mom, I can still remember her at her vanity combing out her hair, I thought her so beautiful, she is still good looking at 85!  I hope I carry her gene. (That's me with the short bob hairstyle).

A mother of a friend, not sure of the date.

Above is my pretty stern looking great grandmother with her hair in a very tight bun!

My lovely great Aunt Marguerite around the '20's.

My best friend and I had just stepped out of the beauty salon in early 1960's, can't you tell?  My hair was backcombed and teased to within an inch of its life!!!  But we thought we were adorable!!  The first of many "selfies".

Later on, I thought a perm was in order, so here I am with my son, David, and my daughter, Christina around 1975.  It was all the rave, an Afro perm!!

Last, but not least, my Dad donned a wig for this shot with my sister, Dianne and me in early 1970's.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a walk down hairdo memory lane with me, for more hairy scary photos, go to  www.sepiasaturday.blogspot.com, bye for now.  Rosie