Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge

Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge
One frosty and very still morning in November, 2010, Centennial Bridge, Miramichi, NB, Canada

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hydrolic Fish

When I saw that "fish" could be the theme for 103 Sepia Saturday, I dug this up out of my postcard collection.  On the back of the postcard, it reads: This most interesting "Hydrolic Fish" invented by Mr. Arthur W. Attridge to save labour, is a near approach to perpetual motion.  It my be seen in operation at his farm on the south side of South West Miramichi River, just below the Highway Bridge at Doaktown, NB.  This contraption was a perpetual source of water for his family and farm, quite ingenious!!

Of course, this isn't in existence presently, but it must have been quite the thing to see!!

For more pictures of a fishy origin or whatever, visit  http://sepiasaturday.blogspot.com/

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thériaults on the move

Today, my sister and I are moving Mom into a Care Home.  Two weeks ago, we moved Dad into the Veteran's Wing at the Nursing Home.  It has been a whirlwind of emotions and activity!  Thank goodness they both wanted to go, it makes it a little easier, but it is still sad. They both got their call within a week of each other, I find that amazing.

Dad has already put on some weight, his face looks much more relaxed.  I'm sure Mom will fare well there as it is a beautiful place.

In three weeks, I, myself, will be moving.  So, my life, for the last three weeks has been purging, giving away, packing for storing, packing for present use....for Dad, Mom, and myself!  My head is spinning at times at it all.  Christmas will be different in our family this year!  Yeah for the New Year!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jamming with Matida Murdoch, Miramichi's treasured fiddler

Had a grand time at O'Donaghue's Pub Saturday afternoon with Matilda Murdoch.  She is truly amazing, she still comes to these Jam Sessions at the ripe old age of 91.  She also composes pieces.  She, along with musicians from Moncton, NB kept the place toe tapping and hand clapping!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Keep the warms days coming!

I can't believe the warm weather we are experiencing this November.  Some say we are going to have a later winter, but, longer on the other end....whatever...I am enjoying the right now!  I didn't even need my overcoat to go to work today, hope it lasts till next month at least.  My bones are too weary for the -30 degrees!

Friday, November 11, 2011

This week to commemorate SepiaSaturday's 100th, I thought I would post this photo of spirited young ladies taken in Queen Elizabeth Park.  I particularly like the way the snow is falling in large flakes against their dark coats.  Must have been a challenge to showshoe in such heavy clothing!!!

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