Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge

Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge
One frosty and very still morning in November, 2010, Centennial Bridge, Miramichi, NB, Canada

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McKinleyville, New Brunswick, Canada
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SepiaSaturday, October 31, 2015

This week, I looked and looked and could not find a woman looking at a mirror or a rough looking dude with a chapeau.  So I decided I would go for the hairstyle, when in doubt, go with the hairstyle I say.....

This photo was found in between the walls at my Mother's Inn a few years ago.  They were renovating and came across it.  We don't know who she is so we dubbed her "The Mystery Lady".  She is very beautiful and she might have been looking at a mirror, who knows?  I will always wonder why this beautiful picture was hidden in between the walls........If walls could talk......

Then in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would throw in some pictures of me in costumes through the years.  Miss Piggy and the French Maid had the most fun, think I will go out again this Halloween and kick up my heels.  I have to admit though, the last time I went out as Miss Piggy, it was during the Swine Flu epidemic, and I didn't get many dances, men must have been scared of catching the swine flu or maybe they were scared of Kermit the Frog......

This, believe or not was not a wig, it was my very own hair, wish I had the color back, this was in the year 2000, not that long ago.....

Hoping you stop over to www.sepiasaturday.blogspot.com  to see many more haunting pictures, funny pictures, old pictures, oh well, I'm sure you get the drift.......Happy Halloween to those who partake in that silly stuff......

Friday, October 16, 2015

SepiaSaturday October 17, 2015

I looked at the prompt picture and went searching for something to submit.  I found these three pictures, hope they fill the space.

Now, my Mother and Father, my two brothers and me, (I was definitely not looking left.  This was around 1952 or 1953.  A few years later, Mom and Dad were to have 3 more children, 2 girls and 1 boy, all within 3 years!!!

----my daughter and her husband, they are looking to the left as were the ones in the prompt picture! 
 Last but not least, my beautiful daughter and her handsome husband, they are definitely looking left as are the ones in the prompt picture!!

For more shadows, children, left looking, clocks, sailor suits, teddy bears, five in a picture, etc. go visit www.sepiasaturday.blogspot.com


Saturday, October 10, 2015

SepiaSaturday, October 10, 2015

I looked high and low, and could not find a photo that closely resembled the expressions on those poor unhappy face that was the prompt for this week, so came up with these:

These are my three Great Aunts, Sarah, Sophie, and Roseanne.  When my Mother opened her house as an inn a few years back, she named the 3 rooms after these find looking ladies.  When my mother retired and sold the Inn, the new owners kept the name on the doors.

In keeping with the "three in a picture", I am presenting this one of the Grandmother, Marie, her sister, Marguerite and her husband, Maurice, who I think was an avid photographer.  These two ladies are sisters to the three ladies in the picture above.  These sisters, my great aunts were very fashionable dressers!!

 I must have dipped into my great aunts and my grandmother's genes, I like to dress up too!  Here I am pictured going to a Victorian Tea with an elderly neighbor of mine, she loved to dress up too!!

For many more pictures go to  www.sepiasaturday.blogspot.com   Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all those who celebrate it in the Sepian world!!