Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge

Mirrored image of the Centennial Bridge
One frosty and very still morning in November, 2010, Centennial Bridge, Miramichi, NB, Canada

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Delighting in my son's success!

I have just finished reading my son's  (David) blog on Cullinary.  In January, he decided to change careers from being a Chemical Engineer to one of becoming a Chef.  His blog is about the first steps in this new path in his life.  His latest blog entry is about a grand evening he had assisting the 2010 Chef of the Year prepare for this year's Chef Awards gala in Charlottetown, PEI.  He was chosen among many students for this honored spot.  His blog site is:
http://caliper2011.blogspot.com/ for anyone who cares to follow him.  He and his wife, Kim just became parents for the first time in October to my little grand daughter, Katie Rose!


  1. I took a look at your son's blog. Good for him. A brave and exciting change in life which I am sure with be crowned with success.

  2. Thanks Alan, although these plans will take him, Kim and little Katie Rose across the country to the Pacific Coast, (Vancouver, BC), I am happy that he has found his "niche" in life. I will miss them dearly, but will visit once in awhile. I missed Sepia Saturday this week, will try to catch the one next week!